Starting a business and creating your own brand is a huge deal and no one should take it for granted. Personal brand is all about creating public perception of your individual authority in your industry nieche.
You can simply start writing down your ideas and taking that first step towards developing a business plan. A good plan combine basic concepts that don’t change that often, and with forth thinking to keep up with the latest and greatest, cause online world is constantly changing – new tools, technologies, tactics pop up pretty much daily.
Think about exactly what would you like to achieve. It is important to elevate your credibility, and differentiate yourself from the competition to advance your career and increase your circle of influence. This process involves finding your uniqueness and building a reputation on the things you want to be known for. Even if you consciously choose to be ok with continuing to work on your brand without really knowing for sure what niche you will end up in, eventually you will have that moment where things become clear. The main goal is to create something that has a message you want to convey. 

Tell your story
If you’re a service provider write about your expertise and your experience, your values, and what makes you different and stand out.
But if you sell products this might be a bit more foreign to you. You may have gotten used to talking mostly about your products instead of yourself. But everyone has a story to tell, and especially if the products you sell are designed or made by you. In any case, I highly recommend you to build a personal brand, because people best relate to other people.
Once you figure out your business goals write a mission statement, and identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition/Point).
You can then increase awareness of your brand and prioritize different online opportunities to help you accomplish your goals. Using  social media you can express your values, personality (business character/brand voice), engage with your audience and finally grow your email marketing list.
You don’t need to start with a website. Your first step to finding customers online and being found online might be listing your business in local online directories (Google My Business) and when someone searches google for business like yours in your area, you’ll appear in results.
 There are always more things to think about, but this should help you get started.
Most importantly, just START.
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